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Nona Burroughs Babcock, the daughter of a farmer and a school teacher, grew up in South Dakota. She attended a one-room elementary school and, as a teen, moved to Montana.  There she met her late husband, Robert Babcock.  They raised three children, two girls and a boy.

A career with the U.S. Forest Service led her to Ogden, Utah, where she graduated from Weber State University and retired.  She lives in Clinton, Montana, with her life-companion, Darrel Fite, and their precocious dog, Mr. Dillon.

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Little Wolf’s Adventure is well done — just the kind of novel I would have enjoyed when I was in the target age range. You’ve successfully written a story that integrates many different elements to appeal to young readers — a protagonist who is different from his peers, has a strong sense of character and is picked on for this trait, and an exciting plot. Congratulations!
—Editorial Consultant at iUniverse

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A vivid and gripping adventure tale! The various themes — the Native American spirit world, medicine dreams, bullying, and the new kid on the block syndrome — are well-developed, timely, and interesting.  Johnny’s medicine dream quest was very descriptive and believable.  And the cave scenes were absolutely wonderful — very suspenseful and exciting.
—Jan Guffin

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Seeds of New Life
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Unlike Little Wolf's Adventure, drawn from Ms Babcock's fertile imagination
and personal resources, Seeds is a carefully researched historical romance.
       Click on the title to read a very short synapsis and to have access to a full chapter of the book.

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