1) Click ->here<- to go to the page with a good wordsearch puzzle, or

2) just look below to find two bookmarks and a maze you can print off

     If you were to run this mostly white page off and deftly apply the scissors, you will end up with two feather bookmarks and a maze ... and some scraps of course.
     The bookmarks are hand-drawn: the black and white one by the Babcock family artist and the other, by artist Parris ja Young, is a bit more wildly colored. Or, better yet, you may want to look up eagle feathers on the Internet, pick your favorite and draw it yourself to use as a bookmark.
     The cave maze only roughly represents the cave Johnny and Sarah explore to find rumored treasure.  Entering that cave proves to be a foolish move; there are dangers there they never imagined, and the trio of bullies will follow them to make things even worse.
     Can you help them find their way out of this dangerous situation? Try it first with just your eyes and attention, and if that proves too difficult, then take the pencil to the paper copy.

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